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I roamed the streets of the cybercity and found out a place called shodan for the cool guys,and learned that it can be used to hack but i didnt find the answer to what i want... Shodan can give you info of things like routers and things like that and saw that it has a filter system that includes like country, port, ip and such... But is there like a way to filter it with like street or city, if available even building? Basically filter by an exact location or closest to it??? I would like to know... Provide me knowlagde... Because you know,knowlagde is power =:)

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With a shodan-account you have more options!
You can use
city:cityname for the city
country:countryname for the country

Use google to find more informations!

I do have an account and know the filter system like city etc,but i found nothing about filtering like street or something like that, if theres no such thing is there search engines better than shodan

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