Forum Thread: I Have a Samsung Note 3 with a Cracked Screen and a Now Unreadable Screen.

I Need Help in Getting My Contacts Off the Phone and Everyone Tells Me I Cant Do It Unless I Can Utilize the Screen. I KNOW There Is a Way. My New Phone Arrives Tomorrow....Please Help!

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Anyone have an idea? I have tried numerous programs...nothing has allowed me to get the info. I was able with one plan to get it off but the files are dbf and are encrypted and require a password. AHHHHH!

When you created a Google play account with your old phone, do you remember if you selected to let Google back up your data. If so, you should be able to sign into that account with your new phone and Google should download all your data back onto the new phone, including your contacts. If not, your old phone had a sim card, remove the sim card and plug it into your new phone and hopefully the contacts are on it..

ok will do....Thank you...not sure about the google play account I probably did....

It's saved me a few times, but see how you go.

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