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Hey guys,i was wondering what can i do with someone IP address.I mean,how can i hack him.+Can i find someone ip address from facebook?

The only way to create a exploit is by Attack on stack?(The tutorials made by Ciuffy)

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Hi Cezar.

An IP address is really just... an address. The purposes of it is to just reference a machine in the internet. You can't really exploit an IP, but you can scan it for eventuali open ports that may or may not run vulnerable services to audit. Generally obtaining the IP address is the first step of recon.

No, as far as I know, you can't find someone's IP address trough facebook. Facebook servers act like proxies, else the world would be many magnitudes scarier!

My "Attack On Stack" series was just supposed to explain the basic thinking there is behind exploitation. Exploiting is by definition carried by thinking out of the box, so following a "method" is essentially against it, though you must start from some where.

Hacking a target behind a NAT isnt easy. These days it is rare to encounter a machine connected directly to the Internet. Learning someones IP isnt as useful as it once was. Thats is, unless their router has remote administration and you break the password.

Just my .02

Oh,ok thanks.But how can you ddos someone pc then?

And,cam you perform a MITM attack if you are not connected at the same WIFI as the victim?I mean,can i mitm my friend who is in Bulgaria if i am in Poland?

Phoenix,to send the package what i have to know about the target?(not the IP?).So,i need to hack the ISP or need to be connected to their internet(LAN or WIFi),right?

Thanks a lot guys! :)

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