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I got this message and IDK what to do about it. I downloaded alot of password lists and when i type exploit this pops on

Auxiliary failed: Msf::OptionValidateError The following options failed to validate: PASSFILE.

some help pls ?

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Hey hi!

I'd be glad to help you out, only thing do is i dont understand what your issue atm (Please not to use metasploit or other GUI tool specific terminologie, i do not need the use of most of theyse programs so using specific related Verbose mode woudnt help me understand your issue.

What did 'Exploit' stand for exactly?
This is a metasploit command ?
On wich format is archived your pass.list?
Have it been downloaded and saved from a Bill Gates Operating system ? (Windows)
What is the files type for that pass.txt or archive?
What is the actual size of your Pass.list files?

Best Regards!

Not enough information.

What are you trying to do? What kind of knowledge do you have in this field? What is the command you entered to get this error message?

This is a field heavy in information, but you give us very little to work with. In order for us to be able to help you at all, you need to give us all the information we could possibly use.


Well , I followed a SQL guide and i had to search for ports first.

So i type use scanner/mssql/mssqllogin <Enter>

Show options <Enter>

Then I had to set a Password file , RHOSTS and THREADS when I''ve done that I type exploit and that error comes up....

Make certain that the path to the password file is correct.

Could you give an example ? What if the file is on my desktop and is called iLoveOccup how do i get the path good?

Then, your path would be /root/Desktop/iLoveoccup.

still getting same error , rip

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