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Hello to all this great community i am jack a new member but reading null byte about 8 months now bassicly following the OTW linux and networking basics, Defalt python, wifi hacking, Phoenix750 and some more. I just want to say thanks and congratulate all for the great articles and explanation.

Also i have made a python word permutation script for creating wordlists (thanks to Defalt), it took me a week to create it and i bet most of you can make it in 5 minutes :) .

Sorry for my bad english.

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Welcome to Null Byte, in 2016 we will bring a lot on board to occupy our readers. Feel free to consult me or any of the Null-Byte fellows if you are in (reasonable) need and, most importantly, enjoy your stay.


Welcome to Null-Byte. If you'd like, you are always welcome to post your script on here.


Are you sure? It have noob syntax, i know it can made more simple with less lines but it does the job i want and i have not the knowledge to do that. Anyway this is it

Notice the leet part of code i found it from other script.
first give keywords lets say (username,lastname,birth)
2 and 3 min and max lengh
multiple will generate many times every word
leet replace leet chars and lower upper case like (leet Leet LEet l33t 1ee7...)

No one is going to judge you by your skill level. Posting your projects here usually gives you replies on how things can be done better.


No worries, "fish are friends not food"
on a serious note though, don't worry how nooby your code is. We all gotta start somewhere.

H-hi Jack...

Welcome to Null Byte!

Glad to see someone is learning from it!


Thank you all for your support !

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