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I bought second hand Apple MacBook Air and the time I was configuring the settings, the system lock. Of course I don't know the pin, I don't know the password, I don't know the ID. The only thing I know is the name of the administrator and I thing- the server. I have never before Mac and I didn't know the security system they have, to be more careful. Now I am trying to find a way to set back the system. I try the buttons ( command-R-P) - nothing happen. I have Kali in VM ,but I am knew in all these things and I need a time to understand everything well. That's why I am asking for help, please.

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Call the Owner Or reinstall Mac OS X

Do this.


Thank you, but I don't like the easy way.

Why would you make something harder for yourself? hackers are lazy by nature: they will find an easy way to do something difficult. This in essence is a "hack", a shortcut to something more difficult.


Maybe the scenario is not as depicted.

How do you mean?


A different scenario: maybe he just wants to break into some mac that he has physical access to, but doesn't know the password (like.. a friend, wife, gf,.).

If I bought a locked mac, I'd call previous owner for the reset, or just reset myself if possible (unless I really wanted the data contained inside)


Well i gave a him a solution? KonBoot is what you need in this case.


Why not?


Valid points.


Second hand-stolen. Before to change the user I make the mistake to put Wi-Fi-ZTE. Than he locks with PIN. I am not hacker, lust I love to know.

What? Well even if it's stolen you could use KonBoot to make another root account and use it, i don't see the problem in this

Is it the 4 digit pin ? There are at least a couple ways to crack it, but you know... while we can debate that hacking is not a crime, buying stolen stuff surely is.

Yes, is the 4 digit pin. These staff are cheaper then others and you judge me that I don't have money . I am sorry, that I tell you the truth, because you make me fill so bad. I don't have experience in forums, that's why I thought that here I can have a help .


First of all, Triphat didn't judge you for anything. Second, he is right. Buying stolen stuff is as illegal as stealing it yourself. And we are not here to assist you with malicious things.


Well you're just gonna make it Harder for yourself, You could use KonBoot to Bypass the login and maybe you could change them later, I don't really know since i haven't tried it before, Hope it works

I've been using a mac for some years now,

but judging by what others have wrote, (obviously we don't know whether you legitimately bought the mac or stole it), I'd agree with them that you contact the previous owner and ask for help. Because the mac is still linked to their iTunes, they could remotely wipe the data on the mac, then you would get a fresh "out-of-the-box" mac.

Also, if you want to run Kali with the macAir,

Its easier running it via a liveUSB, with an external wifi adapter. For some reason, macbook air's internal wifi adapter doesn't respond the Kali (as in Kali can't detect it as wlan0).

I'll just leave it as this.

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