Forum Thread: Hello,Hacking Wpa Key Can Be Easy at Times but the Difficult Part Is When the Dhcp Is Turned Off,How Can I Get the Stati

How to find static ip address

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Local: ifconfig
Remote: nmap -sn or whatever your subnet is.

Thank you but since the dhcp is turned off,the static ip range is known only to the person that configured it,nmap won't work in this scenario

Are you trying to hack a WPA/WPA2 network?

I think he already got the key, but still can't get an IP address into that subnet.

Assuming you've cracked the WPA network using a dictionary, you may have seen clients connected to the network while capturing the handshake. If you know the MAC of any client that conencts to the network, you could spoof yours to that addresss with macchanger and you'd get their IP address (although their PC may warn them someone else is using their IP or tell them they're victims of ARP poisoning).

Be careful with that, and best of luck :)

Already cracked the pin,part of the security measure put in place by the owner is turning off dhcp which means I can not connect if I don't know the ip range

note:he already changed the default ip address

Class A: -
Class B: -
Class C: - is common, (I think) is second most common, and is the least common.

Read this and this. You really can only manually run through these unless you want to make a script.

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