Forum Thread: Hello.Im New Here I Want to Make Some Questions?

first.i dont know if all of you have played watch dogs or seen the movie whoami but can you really make a city blackout. 19 if i start to learn well from OTWs articles,how long would it take for me to start hacking.

third.what is the difference beetwen the black hat and the white does the black hats know more things then the white hats or does they just use those commands for bad things

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Yes you could make a city black out. If you started now with reading OTW's articles you could hack a little, you wont turn into a hacker through one night but you will be able to use the tools and have knowledge of scripting and networking, but don't limit yourself to just OTW's tutorials, other members have good tutorials to.

How long will it take for you to start hacking? it all depends on what you mean by start, you could spend a month learning about 5 tools in kali or some other distribution or you could spend a year or more learning about the linux operating system, scripting and hacking tools.

Or you could spend 20 years learning about computers and programming in order to hack. it all depends on what you want to hack really, if you want to hack into a windows system you should have knowledge of the windows, along with your OS you will be using (probably linux) and knowledge of networking.

Again, it all depends. If you wanted you could "hack" by tomorrow by following tutorials online without knowing what you're doing.

A black hat will hack a company or user and try extorting money off them. For example black hats are encrypting peoples devices and offering a decreyption key if they pay $500.

White hats hack in order to protect people and companies. For example a pen tester will hack a company (with permision) to make it more secure. In this case it will vary what they do, but they will or should tell you the weak points and fix them.

I'm no computer wizard so anybody feel free to correct anything i have added.

If you want to bring down a power grid, you might want to research hacking SCADA.


The key is to learn the basic concepts, the way of thinking and how to analyze thinks.

Very important also is to ask the right questions to yourself first and after the way to find the answers.

There is no magic formula for hacking and nobody is going to teach you the way of how to learn how to hack.But again remember what I told you in the beginning:Learn the basic concepts of hacking such as:Networking, programming, algorithmic thinking, reverse engineering, operating systems(Linux and Windows) etc.

After that you have to think what you like most. Is it Networking?Is It Software Analysis/Hardware Analysis? Is It Making your own tools?

And you will choose whatever is more comfortable for you.

Hacking is like music. You have to learn the basics(the way you will learn is up to you) and you have to find your style(what kind of music you want to play and how).

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