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My name is AppleDash, and I'm somewhat new here. The reason for "somewhat" is because I've been a lurker, viewing, reading, and learning here on the Null Byte world. (Clever name by the way. I read the post on the world namesake and found it interesting. Link for those of you who haven't read it yet: )

For a bit of background on me, I am a (now former) script kiddie. I've always wished to learn about the tools I use and what they do behind the scene to be able to come up with my own hacks/exploits rather than follow a tutorial mindlessly word for word. I've been interested in coding and such for as long as I can remember (although fluent in none, save basic HTML) and up until now, have thought my career would be video game development.

Hacking gives me the thrill that thinking up a game, or trying to program a game, doesn't for the simple fact that hacking is far more worthwhile. Hacking matters because I could one day help the government or an organization against a cyber attack, whereas all I'm doing with games is entertaining the general public. But alas, I'm rambling

So, to end this (rather) long introduction, I came across this site (world) searching for "Kali Linux tutorials" as I have Kali Linux x32 installed on my Dell Inspiron 600m laptop. (old laptop, I know, but I don't want to use my gaming PC to hack outside of VMs)

Any who, I hope that (long) introduction posts are allowed (I didn't see anything disallowing them however.) and I look forward to possibly being a productive and helpful member of this community. With that said however, if anyone feels the need to give me tips (as I am a "greenhorn hacker" to quote OTW) and such, I will more than gladly welcome them do do so.

(I'm rambling again, but at least I'm thorough haha) This is where I am at on this world currently:

~~Apples, signing out!

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what is it with MLP fans on null byte lately?

anyway, welcome to null byte! the linux tutorials are a good place to start indeed. and just because you are new to hacking doesn't mean you are a script kiddie. script kiddies are those who simply use tools just because they can be used, without wanting to learn something about them. you yourself said "i want to learn how these tools work in the background". that curiousity already makes you a white/grey/blackhat (depending on your morals).

hope you will have a good time here!


Thank you! And also, I notice that you are 16. Well, I am as well, and I guess that just goes to show that anybody could get interested in hacking at any point in their lives.

And also, any tips on places to get started other than Null Byte?

(sorry for the n00bish question, I just don't have time to go searching through the web all willy nilly)

most people start hacking when they are young.

you could do just like me and go to they offer free IT and cyber security courses for both the n00bs and the elite hackers. i recommend following their CompTIA A+ course. it looks intimidating at first, but it is truely worth it since the CompTIA A+ course gives you a very solid understanding of how computers work. and the more you know how computers work, the easier it is to exploit them. you can also buy certificates of completion for a relative low price, which will absolutely help you in your career later on.

furthermore, there is also the youtube channel called "thenewboston", who teaches a lot of programming languages. from Java to Python and C/C++. he also teaches a lot of other cool things about computers too.

hope i helped.


Welcome Appledash48!

You found Null Byte just by looking for Kali tuts?
Man, it's getting crowded here! GG to all the creators of Null Bytes, se rock!

I assume you are still studying while trying to find your way: let me tell you, don't worry, be happy, everything will come as itself.

For now, keep studying, stay hungry, stay foolish.

Have a nice stay!

Welcome, glad to know you're not kidding anymore :)

Although I haven't even watched half of them, I'd highly reccomend Hak5 Haktip series. They're not too fast paced, nor too slow, and they're fun to follow :)

Welcome! I hope you find our tutorials and community helpful and interesting. You seem to know what you are doing, and are approaching with knowledge. :) If you haven't done so already, I would recommend reading many of the basic posts, such as How To Post to Null Byte, that way, you get some starting places.

I have to say, I do enjoy reading these introductions. It seems like a good practice that we haven't done before.

As for MLP fans, I am one also... I am one of the 1,000,000+ Derpys on Steam. :P

Yup :D Already did it before I even made a WHT account. And also, awesome hahaha. Derpy is my 3rd favorite pony.

I know I'm late; but I wanted to say welcome to Null Byte.


Lol that's alright ghost_ It's the thought that counts!

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