Forum Thread: Hello Recently My Facebook Account Has Been Hacked via Advance Tnapping Plz Explain

when i type it redirect me to phishing page how does it possible attacker is not in Lan also i am online from mobile ?

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There are a couple of ways for this to be possible. Firstly, you are getting MITM and someone is redirecting you traffic. Secondly, your DNS has been compromised, either server side of the DNS you are using (unlikely) or you computer is sending request to a malicious DNS server (more likely). Thirdly, you have a virus that it automatically redirecting you traffic.

If I were you, i'd check my dns config to make sure that its pointing to a trusted server.


Washu is making valid points, however. I would re-boot your router and in worst case scenario reset it to factory settings. Clean your PC for viruses incl. complex viruses. If you are still experiencing this, you have come across a skilled hacker. I would after this contact your ISP for solutions or take your PC to a IT-specialist and see if he can remove any malware from it.

Try finding out something about the URL you're being redirected to. Maybe there's more people around that have these kind of phishing attack.

Washu already gave a good overview of what might have happened.

Make sure to scan your PC for ad-ware, malware, viruses and so on and get rid of them. If it doesn't improve your situation, you could just backup your most important files and format your PC.

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