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Hello ! I Think My PC Is Infected with Keylogger or Something ! What I Have to do to Remove It ! Any Advice ? ! Thanks .. i just open Project Neptune the oldest version and put gmail and password to test it ! After 10 minutes i got message by gmail that some one trying to hack my email !

Edit : I start Malwarebytes but I'm not sure i can remove it.

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Thanks Ghost ! i will try it.Regards

You could try Dr. Web CureIt. It doesn't need to install :)

It even works (with diminished effectiveness) in Fail Safe mode, if you can't run it on a normal windows session.

what Kitten and Ghost said is the best you can do. but here are some tips to prevent infection:

  1. obviously, use a good anti-virus
  2. use a good anti-malware aswell (like Malwarebytes).
  3. you can use Comodo Valkyrie before using any kind of executable.
  4. use common sense (if something is too good to be true, it usually is.)
  5. create a restore point before installing software you don't completely trust. then you can always rollback your system to that point.
  6. like comodo valkyrie, you can scan a file with Virustotal if you don't completely trust it. Virustotal will give you feedback of 57 different anti-viruses and anti-malwares.

hope i helped.


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