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Hello i have some Q. for newbies.
1)If i find a vuln. port how to i exploit it?

2)How to Wi-fi hacking?I only know 4way-shake with aircrack-ng,but i dont believe is that good cuz is as strong as your dictionary.Any other way?

3)What should i learn next?Metaspoil/wifi hacking?Or what?Is not the problem of learning cuz i learn very fast,is the problem of what to learn.

4)What do to after i use wireshark and what use is for it.I know it sniff internet traffic,but how can i use it?
5)What programming langs are use for creating hacking tools?

6)There are any good books that teach you how to hack?I bought a book by Kevin Mitnick(i dont know how is called in english) but it didnt arrived yet.

7)How is better?Do buy a pc part by part,or to make one from strach?What will be more expensive?
8)Are there any linux tutorials?Beside the ones from OTW.
Thanks :)

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All of your questions are way to general to answer. But I'll make an attempt.

  1. You must find (or build) and exploit for the service. You can check Exploit-DB for most of these, but you might just have to Google around for others.
  1. You can bruteforce the WPS PIN with Bully or Reaver. There are many other tools that do this, but these are the best.
  1. Metasploit is very helpful, but you will soon find that it is just not educational enough. It's too simple. I think it's best to master one subject, dab a bit here and there, and maybe choose a secondary subject. For example, I love MitM, but website hacking is also fun for me. I dabble a bit with social engineering.
  1. You can use Wireshark for many things. You can use it to capture sniffed packets, hijack cookie sessions, and more. I don't think there's too much written about that here, though.
  1. Most if not all languages. Metasploit is built on Ruby, many exploits are written in C, Python, or Perl, and PHP (sometimes).
  1. I recommend Hacking: The Art of Exploitation. It's free as a PDF, and very intuitive.

7a. Part-by-part, or from scratch? What's the difference?
7b. I would build it myself so I know my system inside-out.

  1. For pretty much every subject, yes. Have you tried Googling Linux tutorials?

I hope that helped!

C|H of C3

I will check out that book, looks iinteresting :)

Absolutely. Anyone should.

Thanks for you quick answer.
There are way of hacking a wifi that doesnt have to do with bruteforce?
How can i have full control of a cellphone or another pc if i am connected to the same wifi?
For hacking,IOS or Android?
MacOS vs linux?Why?What can you do in linux beside hacking?

MITM + Exploitation & Remote Code Execution.

There are way to hack iOS and Android. There are so many that I think you just need to know you can to start looking for it.

MacOSX isn't that bad. It depends on the requirements.

For hacking and related, Linux no doubt.

Or webcam.Or if i know his ip adress how can i send to him a a virus that does that?How do i create such a virus?

Sorry for asking so many Q. but since last month i am trying to get on with linux.All i knew before that was java programmming most of the times.

OFFTOPIC:Someone tried speed reading?I find it being a useful skill here,since is a lot to learn.But i cant stop subvocalizing and still understand something.

Just send him a trojan with a Meterpreter payload. It has the function to record the webcam.

We have another section just for that.

Cracker Hacker has answered very precisely, here are my thoughts anyway:

1) It's not the port which is vulnerable, but the service running on it.
2) We have a section just for that.
3) If you don't know programming, that's your next step. Make Linux your home.

4) In case anyone is interested in wireshark, the channel "Hak5" on Youtube has a 25 (maybe?) parts guide about it. I fund it very interesting. Anyway, you can just search on google , and let the link avalanche begin.

5) C (&co), Python, Ruby (less IMO, but still, metasploit)
6) Hacking, The Art of Exploitation, The Hacker's Handbook series, Gray Hat Hacking...
7) If you have time to build one, it's very funny to do and you learn stuff.
8) *insert Google joke here*

Have a nice stay.
Ciuffy, C3.

That YouTube series looks really great, I've seen the first two videos (out of 25) and they're pretty easy to follow :)

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