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Ok, so I've been trying to crack some wi-fi passwords using aircrack-ng. I am able to locate the .cap/ .ivs file(s) and have aircrack try to crack them, but when it asks me for a dictionary to crack with, i give it the location looking something like this: /home/user name here/Documents/password.lst. it returns by saying something like:

opening: / blahblahblah

error opening:  /blahblahblah

is not a <.pcap/ .ivs> file

depending on what order i have the captured packets/ dictionary lists in, it opens the .cap and .ivs files fine, but opening the list gives me the above error.

what form does the dictionary list have to be in? Do I have the usage messed up somewhere?

I am running Ubuntu 11.1. 

ps.  I heard that i can run airodump-ng and aircrack-ng at the same time and aircrack-ng would auto update every 5000 iv's or so. if this is true, how do i get it to auto update the packet file and read it automaticaly without me having to constantly quit aircrack-ng and then re-run it through the terminal? also, how would i go about reducing the default number of captured iv's before it auto updates aircrack?  I know this is a lot, but I appreciate anyone's time answering these questions and am sure other people would love to know as well. thank you.

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The dictionary format is one phrase per line.

You could use tmux or screen to open multiple panes.. I don't remember offhand if aircrack-ng has an option to "reload" the ivs file or not.. but.. given you are on a *nix machine.. you could run it in a while loop:

while true; do

aircrack-ng <options> <file>

sleep 10;


hmmm... thank you, if you could provide me with an example of a correct dictionary list, i'll compare them to the ones I already have. I'll give it a try. any more suggestions from the community?

ok, here is one list that I have as a .lst file:

#!comment: This list has been compiled by Solar Designer of Openwall Project,



#!comment: This list is based on passwords most commonly seen on a set of Unix

#!comment: systems in mid-1990's, sorted for decreasing number of occurrences

#!comment: (that is, more common passwords are listed first).  It has been

#!comment: revised to also include common website passwords from public lists

#!comment: of "top N passwords" from major community website compromises that

#!comment: occurred in 2006 through 2010.


#!comment: Last update: 2011/11/20 (3546 entries)































and the list goes on in much the same way. ignore the spaces in between lines, they are not there in the file. see anything wrong with it? Also, I have multiple files like this segment of one, but whenever i use the wildcard *.lst it always gives me an error opening it saying:

username@ubuntu:~$ sudo aircrack-ng /home/username/Documents/capfile.cap -a 1 -w  /home/username/Documents/passwordlistfolder/*.lst

[sudo] password for username: 

Opening /home/username/Documents/capfile-02.cap

Opening /home/username/Documents/passwordlistfolder/lower.lst

Unsupported file format (not a pcap or IVs file).

Opening /home/username/Documents/passwordlistfolder/password2.lst

Unsupported file format (not a pcap or IVs file).

Opening /home/username/Documents/passwordlistfolder/password3.lst

Unsupported file format (not a pcap or IVs file).

Opening /home/username/Documents/passwordlistfolder/password4.lst

Unsupported file format (not a pcap or IVs file).

Opening /home/username/Documents/passwordlistfolder/password.lst

Unsupported file format (not a pcap or IVs file).

Read 94410 packets.

blah blah index options blah blah

Opening /home/username/Documents/capfile-02.cap

Opening /home/username/Documents/passwordlistfolder/lower.lst

Unsupported file format (not a pcap or IVs file).


so what am I doing wrong exactly?

the last file needs to be the pcap file: 

aircrack-ng  -a 1 -w ~/Documents/passwordlistfolder/*.lst ~/Documents/capfile.cap

so basicly, i got the order of operations wrong, so to speak. ok I tried it like this: username@ubuntu:~$ sudo aircrack-ng -a 1 -w  /home/username/Documents/passwordlistfolder/*.lst  /home/username/Documents/capfile-02.cap

and it still is giving me an error opening message..... hmmmm.....

Perhaps the *.lst is expanding into something unexpected?  Maybe one of the .lst files has a space in the name? 

Or the -w option does not know how to handle multiple files.

Try cating the contents of each file into one big list.

good idea, i'll give it a try. i'll see what i get. thanks again

i had the same problem out of nowhere unexpectedly and it was because i forgot to write the (-w) befor the wordlist file so ..aircrack-ng ___.cap -w /pentest/passwords/wordlists/___.cap/___.lst

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