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Hello guys, first of all forgive my 7 days old linux experience, so my problem is that i can't apply the use of setoolkit and fatrat globally.

To be more specific, when i create a cloned site only the people who are connected with me in the same network are able to access the cloned website.

Also when i created a trojan apk and installed it on victim's phone (my phone) it only works if we are on the same network!

How can i make it work for everyone?
Thanks in advance and again sorry for my newbieness.

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Port Forwardning

You need to account for NAT, network address translation. Most networks use private IP address 192.168.x.x, 10.10.x.x, 172.16.x.x and so on for a private network. all of these addresses share an external IP that is provided by whatever internet service provider you pay for. There is a way to port forward ports to contact webservers and listeners but you need to have access to configure the router. Also ISP(internet service providers) us DHCP to assign IP addresses so these internet facing addresses can change when their lease expires. There is a workaround for this, a paid dynamic DNS service. This will use a static URL that translates to the current external address.

If when you setup your kali with cloned site your IP is on port 80 you need to configure your router to forward your external IP to port 80 to There is a lot more work to make this type of attack actually work. You would need to also account for certificates, you would need to poison the DNS or the URL in the browser will be a number which is quite suspicious.

For the trojan you need to configure the payload to connect to your public IP and port forward to the IP and port you have your listener on. You can get current external IP easily by typing what is my IP in a browser. You can get your local IP from the kali terminal by entering ifconfig.

On a home network the router config is usually accessible from the first IP in your subnet. ifconfig on your kali terminal and if you have a address try typing in your browser. There is usually a login screen that req a login and password. Then search for port forwarding setting.

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