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can any kind soul help me on this? I have been living in hell for the past month.someone been remotely control my house network and devices for more than a month. I think it started with my son desktop then one day I notice werid pattern or movement on my ipad. I quickly try to log out my apple id and guess what? the guy on the cloud actually stop me from doing it by placing some kind of firewall on my screen which even I press on the log off button it takes no effect. eventually I lost all my email account and apple id and creditcard detail which I cancel it the minutes it happen.

so I decided to format my 1 desktip and 2 laptop after he cripple my 2 samsung phone and make use of find my ipad to lock my 2 ipad. the hell continue after I format my pc and laptop. he actually can control my pc or laptop even without plugging the lan cable or power cable for the laptop.

I am just and oldman know nothing about hacking and nobody to turn to. I am at lost now. me and my wife dun even dare to use mobile phone and on our smart tv.

please give me some advise on this issue. I have did what u can or what I know by reinstall new window with formatting the hard disc. for my phone I even flash rom the phone but its still infected.

may god bless you guys

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That does sound like a living hell.
Null Byte is mostly made up of friendly ethical hackers, so I'm sure you can get some good advice.

My advice is to notify the authorities of the virus that seems to be across your systems. Update your information, and install some antivirus tools.

Let me know if I can help you with anything.

hi camero thanks for the swift reply. I am staying in singapore and I went to the police and they refuse to take in my case as they said nothing was lost. I wanted to kill myself after hearing that. no one able to help me on this. I was unable to sleep more than 4hrs a day . then I was looking for solution on the web that leads me here. Hopefully with with all the skilled ethical hacker here can help me on his. will sincerely appreciate yours help and remembered.

If the police won't help, there still are some companies that offer to get rid of spyware and malware for you.

Even services like Geek Squad can get the job done.
Check out this link, here.

Along with Cameron, power off your network (remove power to the router/modem), and then start working from there. Cameron gave great tips about removing such malware. Perhaps you can load some AV to your mobile devices through your Mac via Apple Sync. I have little to no experience with Apple products, so I'm not 100% confident that that will work.

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Shutdown everything, block bank account, wipe everything and restart. You have nothing to lose anymore as I understood. Hope you can come out of this situation.

Hex: Yeah, probably not. Apple needs to let loose a little. ;)


Can I ask what OS you're using? If you completely formatted your computers and reinstalled a legit version of your operating system, the malware should have been wiped too. I'm wondering if your OS is vulnerable and not patched.

Also, I'd change the router password ASAP.

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