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Hello guys,

I am newbie to hacking and pentesting stuff so I can't get what I want easily since i know very little about networking. So my real question is that I practice tutorials about how to use metasploit or payloads exploits like that at home in my own network. In order to try what i learned on my own network i went my collage. Again i use same methods to my friends computer not on the collage computers (My friends let me try :D ) but somehow even tho I execute payloads or exploit commands on their system (Like reversetcp ,reverse https , powershell commands to connect my netcat session) I cant get shell or any kind of response from my terminal. We are both in same network my collages network.I dont get the problem here I thought to my self like maybe its because my school makes users ports filtered or something like that. As i said above could you please help me to understand the problem here. Sorry for bad english._

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what commands did u use in metasploit

exploits like smb delivery , web delivery or simple reverse tcp payload

Did you try encrypting the ncat session?

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