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Im not sure if i should buy a desktop or a portable, but im more for portable, I need it for my hacking, any ideas?

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You can buy a nexus 9 Instead or one plus one phone , if you want itit for hacking you can install net hunter on any nexus device , but if you steal want the portable , I would say RAM: 2 GB CPU 1.6GHz HDD 60 GB as a minimum requirementa , I am using lenovo g 780 and it's fantastic for hacking , it's not gonna cost you more than 600 $ .

Is a Nexus 7 good? And is using a tablet any less convenient than using a computer? If so then how? I'm trying to decide what kind of portable hacking system I want to buy too.

if you wantto be an hacker with anonymous you NEED an laptop for accessing virtualbox and ubuntu if you cant work with those you can be a hacker for sure but not with any of anonymous THIS IS AN MUST in our organization

I've just started out on the pen testing road. I am using a Dell XPS 13 i7 16gb RAM. I love it, its portable and doesn't feel like its in my rucksack when its on my back. I'm running windows 10 and a few virtual machines in VMware without noticing any slowdown ect. It wasn't cheap but I think it was worth the extra to get the i7 and ram. I got it online for a little over £1000 GBP. I'm sure you could find similar/better deals.

1.340,34 thats the exact number (€)

Nexus 7 is good , a nexus tablet is great , but a portable is incredible .

0.o why not go expensive desktop and portable cheap device that you connect to your power rig?

It depend when you hack are you only doing it at home or are you doing it at your job school all depends on what you are hacking.

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