Forum Thread: Help Unlock WinRAR Zip/Text Doc. Files (Password Protected)


I can't seem to figure out how to unluck some files I downloaded. Tried some things, but I'm a real noob... srry in advance.

If I unpack them, I get a new folder. Within this folder, are a couple more folders, which hold the information I want.

This info is put in a couple of text documents. When I try to open them, I need to fill in a password, which I don't know.

(I got some info it's something with "welcome" and a couple of numbers (4) )

Got the files from:

Could anyone crack them for me or help me with this?
Thank you!

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Funny how they have the same zip for every number entered. OP this is a scam, and it is very fucking obvious it is.

Even if you had the password, all that data inside is garbage, so don't mind wasting resource in cracking it.

And stay away from that shady services, they might be collecting numbers for spamming purpose, or promote downloading of malware.

Cameron Glass wrote a pretty good article about this (which can be read here) not too long ago.

Have fun mate


Too bad, Thanks for the help guy's!

Did you unlock it?

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