Forum Thread: HELP - WiFi Not Showing on Kali Linux Live USB Boot - No Ethernet Capabilities in Order to Get Compact Files

Hi guys
Can someone please help

I've recently been running Kali Live onto my Asus T100ta transformer book and it boots fine, but has no way for me to connect to the internet.

I also do not have any additional ports for an Ethernet cable.

Does anyone have any idea of how I could fix this issue? Many thanks

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More info would be helpful.
Does kali see your network card?
ifconfig command will list your recognized network adapters.
The output of lsusb and lspcie commands would be helpful too.

This comes up after I type ifconfig

Your card is not recognized as a network adatper. You sholud see wlan0 if it would be.
With lsusb you can list the attached usb devices, lspcie shows the pcie devices.
We currently want to find out which wifi chipset your transformer exactly has, in order to find the correct driver.

Lsusb was the only command that worked. Does this help?

I'm unable to connect to WiFi in Kali Linux, what should I do ?

I don't have a wireless adapter, is it required to have a wireless adapter to connect to WiFi in Kali Linux ?

I'm beginner in this field.
Guys can you tell me how I can access WiFi in kali live version.
wlano is not showing up in it.
And no network access in it.
Please guys help me.

same problem
link is laptop model specific
can you please explain it for hp notebook 15q ds0004tx?

Could you post the output of the below command.,

lshw -c network

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