Forum Thread: Help with Live Usb with Kali

Hi, i'm trying to make a live usb with kali, but 2.0 didn't work, and with version 1.01 i can't start the usb from bios.

I'm using uNetBootin for the Usb.

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What main operative system do you have? To when does your computer date back? Model?

Ubuntu 14.04 on Asus F550C series, i bought it one year ago

Did you change your bios to legacy mode?

And change your boot order from

  1. Boot from USB
  2. Boot from Hard Drive

If you have done that, then okay.
What error did you find? Or it simply won't boot and skip the boot order to your hd?

You might also need to disable Secure Boot OR Safe Boot.

Done, but when i try to start my usb, i just see a flash of black screen and back to bios

Look for a setting called "Boot Mode", "UEFI Boot", "Launch CSM" or whatever else it may be called, change the boot mode from UEFI to Legacy/CSM: Disable the UEFI Boot option and enable CSM Boot support. Depends on what BIOS menu you have, maybe you need to add a boot option when you change from UEFI to Legacy/CSM.

i fixed this enabling the CSM. Ty man

I had a similar problem. Since you already solved yours, I'm just going to post mine and the solution.

When i wanted to start from the Live USB the Screen just turnt black, after taking it out everything went normal again.. also I couldn't access the BIOS when the USB was in use, although the BIOS setup was correct.

After a while I decided to see, if it's a hardware problem, and it was!

I took out my graphics card and connected the screen directly to the mainboard.. That let me start the PC normally in USB mode.. a wild guess would be a problem with the driver setup, but i don't really know..

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