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Hello, I would like to ask if it's required to open ports on target computer (Using Kali Linux) . My attack (authorized, of course) will look like this: My Kali Notebook (Connected to network 1, let's say) will send backdoor .exe to target computer which is on network 2. Do I need to open ports on both networks to get successful Meterpreter session?


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It depends on the backdoor and how you decide to send it. You don't generally need to open any ports on the target machine if the shell you are using is a reverse shell.

A reverse shell is one that connects back to the attacker machine (hence 'reverse') meaning that the attacker should have the appropriate listening port open on their firewall.

If, however, you are using a bind shell (not a good idea, but still) you need to make sure your victim has the appropriate port open. That port would be whatever you set RPORT to be.

Thanks, I am using windows/meterpreter/reverse-tcp
I will send it via email and target will execute it.

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