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Hey guys I have a huge problem and figured that the friendly Null-Byte Community could help me out with. I've started using Sublime Text and it is awesome. I have already designed my first website on it. However, when I started my second website, I realised that separating the two projects would be a wise move. However, since I didn't know anything about projects, I accidentally mixed the two. Thinking it wasn't a big deal, I just deleted the projects and was about to open the files I needed individually for each project. However, now the files wouldn't even open.

And it reads 'project could not be found' when I open any of the files, and even when I start up a blank document, a notice that says '... Project could not be found' everytime I start up sublime text. I've tried everythingn, from re downloading the files (I hav them on my email because I emailed them to my partner), re-installing the app and so on. Help please??

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Okay so it sounds like you are trying to make two websites with the same IP address. This is not possible. And when you deleted 1 it sounds like you deleted the whole website. Did you make a backup file? If not thats okay, it just means you have to start over. But always make sure you keep a backup file because they are extremely useful. Let me know if this helps! :D

Thanks for your prompt reply. Ok I've removed everything and re-installed but the message still pops up and I can't open my back ups (which were re-downloaded from my email logs). Help?

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