Forum Thread: Hey, Developers Needed for ShadeOS!

Hey guys!

You guys might be knowing me, but still, my name is NullfOx and I am not such a great hacker. Well, anyway, back to the topic.

Any person here on NullByte have had experience with Linux and Linux distros like kali, backtrack, etc.
But you will know that there are not a lot of top-notch hacking Linux distros.
You might also want to put your linux skills and hackinG and programming skills to good use.

Put it all together. At least, that's what I did. Then I came up with the idea of creating my own Linux hacking distro. Cool, right? But it might not be so cool. By saying that I mean, you have too code the whole OS, make your own hacking tools, then package it.

Then came The Shade Project, which you can see at So I created ShadeOS, a distro for hackers, by hackers.

I am really running short of manpower here, so if any of you want to volunteer in helping me make Shade, post a link to your github profile in the comments and I will add you to the organization. Remember, list what you know well, or your speciality in the comments.

The link to the project is Currently, no sources code has been uploaded, because of some problems, but I hope to do it within a week or 2, so people should be patient until then.

The OS is being built on a ubuntu core.

Thanks in advance to all the volunteers.

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8 Responses

I could help but what language are you using?

Mostly C, C++, bash, etc.

How much work roughly is there to do?. Would python help? I also know some c/c++

Yep, python will help, and there is a lot of work to do.

I will write a GUI server for reverse shell's in python. Email me stuff at

Soz see my edit^GUI server. So that people can easily use my python backdoor without having to know it's syntax. I'll give you a reversetcp shell as well.

Thanks, save it in store. I will add it to the OS when I upload the source in github.

Good Luck guys!

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