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So I'm part of a gaming community called Upper Echelon Gamers which goes so far as to help people who want to stream or make videos by supporting them through it all by promoting them etc, going so far at times to buy hardware for them. That's not why I'm here though, that's just the background.

A week ago a few admins from our Discord server decided they were going to go their own way and through underhanded means gained ownership of the server by saying it needed updated which could only be done via someone with ownership which wasn't actually the case. Because the guy in charge didn't know how to do it personally he trusted the ownership of the server to a guy called (tag) idlechatter. Basically put, we want to get this server back. I've dabbled in bits and pieces of the art but really have no idea how to go about it. Over the last week I have found the server and a few details about it.

The guy who 'owns' this Discord server has put his whole life into building this community and has put thousands of dollars of his own money into building it and helping people.

If anyone could help me to get this back please.

We just want to get this server back under our control so we can use it for the community again.

Thanks for your time.


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Welcome to the community, sounds like you have a lot of reading to do! You can refer to the tutorials on pfishing credentials or something. My advice is be lazy and use the minimum effort needed.

I have been reading, this is about ethics. I can't get the server back because I don't know enough to do it. Not to be rude but I asked for help, not reading material which I have infact been reading.

Thanks anyway!

Try a Nikto scan on the server and use a proxy or VPN to hide your IP while doing it. Nikto will find vulnerabilities in the server and then you can look up each vulnerability that Nikto finds to exploit them.

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