Forum Thread: Hey Guys Is There Any Way to Crack Wifi with a Anroid Phone.

I searched and searched but I only got prank app so any help will be benifited. thank you.

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Your mobile's wireless should be compatible with injection for it to work..

You have to root your mobile first...
Then you can either install reaver
You can install kali or linux

Then you can proceed with hacking...

NOTE - rever is just for wps...

the Galaxy S1 supports monitor mode. i tested it myself. you can get the specially crafted kernel here.

if you don't have an S1, you'll need to use an external USB dongle. follow Ciuffy's tutorial here.

the other steps se7enpeace already explained.


Your mobile still needs to support monitor mode..

Reaver exploits the vulnerable wps pin in the router.. if the router doesnt has wps or maybe the manafacturer has added security to wps.. then reaver wont work..

Otherwise.. it is one of the fastest to crack the wifi..

thank you se7enpeace for you're suggestion but how do I know that my phone supports monitor mode or not.

You need to search google for the supported list

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