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How to exploit in Office doc file pls help me

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cracker hacker how did you made that symbol> |

In italian keyboard is in plain text Shift+\

Btw, Cracker is true, there should be a minimal path to follow when asking anything. Most of the times we can't solve the problems we are given because the informations are not enough or people just can't write a minimally understandable english (although they told me mine is particularly bad). Internet has rules!

Oh, and welcome back CH.

Good answer and advice, Ciuffy.

Btw, your English is very good for a non-native English speaker and better than most native speakers.

I'm with OTW on this one; your English is fantastic.


you could use "Password Recovery Bundle 2014" but it takes a lot of time and may don't work.

In my opinion, if you're having to ask a question such as this one; you shouldn't be attempting what we would tell you to do.

It also strikes me as very ironic when someone asks a question as vague as this.

I mean, I'm all for spreading knowledge and helping other people. However, when I'm faced with questions like these I just have to think to myself, "They're not bothering to put in any effort; why should we?"

Those are just my thoughts on the subject anyway.


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