Forum Thread: Hi i am a beginner can someone guide with hacking techniques

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Delete system32. :)

What kind of hacking are you doing?

Penetration testing and WiFi hacking..... Guide me and I do have so little knowledge in Kali linux@ VenomBash

First off, there are three basic steps that I follow when starting WiFi hacking.
1: Get some kind of Kali system
2: Install the proper tools (bully reaver etc.)
3: Take advantage of free software.

For a Kali system, a cheap raspberry pi would work or a virtual machine. Kali is free for download and can be found on offensive security. Next, once you kali running do a few basic commands,

_sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade_

This will make sure your systems repositories are running at the latest information. This step is super important, and i cannot stress how crucial this step is. Next install a few basic tools,

_sudo apt-get install bully
sudo apt-get install reaver
sudo apt-get install pixiewps
sudo apt-get install nmap

_Once that is done you can check out some free software I have created at github and check out the guide at this link. If you would rather do all the nitty gritty yourself, check out some other posts on this forum that teach you how to use the tools without software. Happy hacking!

Sorry I'm new and this comment may be irrelevant but.
how can I post a thread?

Open the side bar go to my writing and click forum

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