Forum Thread: Hi Guys! Need Help with Medusa

Hi everybody! I'm trying to use Medusa, but even if i've googled many times, i was not able to find a solution to my problem.

Medusa finds the first password of the file, like the right password.
I've tryed to verbose the outpout, but it doesn't give me nothing of important to analyze.
The sintax: medusa -h ipaddress -u admin -P pass.txt -M http -m DIR:/login.php -T 10
The login page is "http://Ip__address/login.php "

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Have you taken a look at the docs? Medusa

yes, 'i've seen official and other guide but nothing..

yes i've already read this doc...

Oh, I don't think it is verbose. It tells you the right DIR and that's all it does.

Well, from what I see in the docs at least.

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