Forum Thread: Hi Hackers! I Was Wondering if I Can Crack the Router Pin if I Have Its Password?

Recently I was using wifislax 4.12 . However I failed to crack the pin using reaver (stops at 90%) now that my neighbor gave me the password (temporarily) I was wondering if I can use it -the password- to crack the router pin?

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BTW the wifi protection is WPA2-PSK

Did you try to login on router and check settings? And yes, if router has enabled wps you can crack it.

Yes the router has WPS enabled, would u pls show me how ?

No, i wont show you, i will direct you in which way you should go so you can learn it by yourself. If i show you how to do that, you wont learn. Search for wps pixie dust attack. Also, check reaver options. Once you understand how wps works, you will be able to figure out more ways to do it. Explore, research and learn. Cheers !

That would be even more great, so I have wifislax -bootable- so should I use wifislax or backtrack ! Pls be more specific thanks .

I'll search and I'll tell u my results soon

As u can see I have pixie 2.6 installed along side with reaver what's next ?

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