Forum Thread: Hydra Completes and Not Providing Passwords

Hi. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Any additional support or direction would be really helpful, so I appreciate it in advance.

Been getting familiar with hydra lately, recently ran it against my friends site he created for our testing purposes only. The first couple times I ran it, with known usernames and passwords, it appropriately concluded and provided the green line of correct user/pass.

When I increased the users and passwords in both user and pass files, respectively, hydra completed and declared there were two correct logins found; however, didn't show what they were. Just nothing. I know the code I have works, as I've used the exact same one before and it's returned positive. I verified my password file to make sure there were no blank lines that could lead to a false positive...

My code consists of the following traits: -V -L -P
Maybe I need to include another trait that includes display the user/pass upon completion of the target? Idk..

Appreciate any help! If you need to see the code too I can add that in here. Really confused by it all.

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