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HI friends when i try crack gmail password with hydra i always failed, even i tried crack my gmail account and also failed what should i do

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Tbh i don't know what happened, i think google either changed their smtp address or port, You could try cracking a yahoo or any other mail account and if it works then the problem is from Google

gmail does not allow login from less secure apps

to pratice hack turn on less secure app access in your account settings

Last month when I tried hydra with my gmail account unsuccessfully, I received an email from Google saying that I "tried to login with an application that does not attend modern security standards.". Yes they know.

Of course they do, Well if you disable "i forgot what is was" in the security setting you will be able to Brute force your account, I tested it and it works.

I had my account settings in french so the setting was called "Autoriser les applications moins sécurisées" The translation would be "Authorize less secure application"

The thing is: To be able to crack other's accounts they need to have that option ON, and that is really rare, Well i think we need to find a way around that "Application does not attend modern security standards"

Yes, maybe something that covers their definition of security standards.

And another thing, the brute force went good at first with small wordlist (about 100 words) then when i tried another one with 35000 it screwed up and gave a false positive at about 5000 try

google detects the bruteforce attempts. i tried bruteforcing my gmail account, but failed...and then i received notifications in my inbox telling me that login attempts to my account were blocked

If you allow less secure apps to access your account it is possible to brute force. But you can just brute force yourself :D

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