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hello everyone,
i have two questions if you guys could help me answering them, that would be super toll :D

the first one, i have found a website that uses cloudproxy for security. i scanned it at first for open ports using its url, of course there were no ports open and it appeared with an ip address that starts with ... so i tried scanning "" and it gave me a plenty of open ports on the server and different ip address that starts with .

so i'm wondering can you penetrate the website using the open ports i found?

my second question is about hydra, i've been trying cracking a gmail account using hydra and all it does it blocks me out with wrong passwords.. is there any good new script to use cracking gmail account's password? also if there's any better program than hydra then please tell me :D

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Try finding the actual IP behind their VPS. Use a subdomain finder then scan the IP.

As for Hydra, there isn't really an easier way to crack passwords. After a number of attempts to login Gmail (and most websites nowadays) will stop all attempts even if they are right from the IP. So I think you have to use proxy chains to use a different proxy after a couple attempts

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