Forum Thread: An Idea for Wifi Password Hacking

I have a question about this idea of wifi password hacking of its possible then please comment.

First let's assume my victims wifi name is 'Tplink5G". We have to know victim's password so first thing is we start sending deauthenticating packets on victims AP and disconnected him from his real AP then we create our own wpa2 wifi with same name and when victim see himself getting disconnected from his wifi then he will see two network one his own wifi and second is our created wifi with same name then he will confused and he will think let's connect second wifi and then when he clicks on our wifi and typed his own wifi password and then boooom we got the password.

????So that was question (imagination) so the real question is how can we know what password has he typed on our fake created wpa2 wifi is it possible to know what password was he typed and trying to connect our wifi network????


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This is called an evil twin attack. It actually rarely relies on the user himself to connect to the network. It relies on the evil twin(your 2nd network) having a higher signal strength. There are different ways to capture the wrongfully entered credentials and extract the password. Just look up "Evil twin attack" here on null-byte.


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