Forum Thread: If I have the IP addresses of two mail servers how can I do an MITM attack to intercept the emails?

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MITM, but that will be restricted to the LAN network. So as long as you are on the network, there are many tools (try bettercap over ettercap). Also, be mindful of any SPF (sender policy framework) rules that may be imposed on the mx domain if you plan on spoofing any outgoing email (outside of the permitted domain(s)). Is there a plan here? May help find a better answer to your question. Simply put: Yes you can do it. Not so simply put: It isn't as easy as intercepting packets if you are outside of the LAN. It will usually involve a payload, so the risk/reward payoff is something you must determine (as well as your own capability to pull it off undetected).

That's the problem I am outside the LAN.
And I only wanna intercept an email sent to me.

I'll try to explain, A-mail server is sending me an email to B-mailserver but my account on B-mailserver was deactivated and I can't reactivate it (they're closing the server soon) so I can't get that email

Now I was wondering since the two servers still exist and communicating can't I intercept that email?

Since I'm outside the LAN what payloads can I use?

(My apologies if I'm saying something stupid I've only started learning hacking a couple weeks ago)

And thank you again for your replies !!

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