Forum Thread: If You Had Physical Access to a Computer, How Would You Hack?

Lets say you have physical access to a computer for approximately 2 hours, what actions would you take and what would be the best wy to make sure you have full control of the computer back from your base?

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well 5 min is truly enough for tanking control of system install payloads and pawn system
well you could easly install your payload make it run on startup and its done
or if you dont have your payload ready just use our cute programm (netcat) and also make it run on startup

or if you have 2 h and u know how to write good programm with python or c++ just give it 15 min and write keylogger - rat with it and make it hidden and also make it run on startup :D

these only way s i could say.

I agree with you, I would add some kinda of listener first off, with 2 hours I would have plenty of time to hide and disguise it from AV and humans

2 hours is a lot of time, and does a lot of damage. I agree with Ma K and believe that installing a listener is a must for any kind of takeover. After I installed a listener instead of a key logger I would change their hosts file. This would allow me to phish credentials from the user without having to lift a finger. I could also do some fun things if I wasn't trying to be stealthy. Thanks for the great forum post idea!

can u show how to get wps wireless passwords bcoz my neighbors old man watch only yoga on youtube so plz u can

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