Forum Thread: If You Have to Be a Master at One Programming Language, Which Would It Be?

It is a very good idea to be proficient in several programming languages as this would make you a better programmer. But if you were to pick that one learn language that you would rather focus all your energy towards mastering and being more productive at. Which would it be?

Stating your reason(s).
Mine is Python. Because it strongly enforces writing readable code by using the forced indents.

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I agree with you. Python is the way to go.

I would learn Java, since it can be used on almost everything. Isn't Python a scripting language? I think I'd learn both Java and Python.

Python can also be also be used for a lot things. Python is both a scripting language and a full blown programming language. Java on the other hand is not so much of a scripting language in my opinion, correct me if I'm wrong. But java is also a good choice.

I see. I learned Lua before, (For practice) so I'm learning Java now. I'll have to learn Python after.

I would suggest you learn python before Java. This is because it is easier to grasp and would help you in understanding some basic programming principles that would be quite tricky in Java. Learning Python first wouldalso help in writing more readable code in other programming languages.

Okay, maybe I can start learning Python then. I'm learning Java in school next year, but they don't offer Python, so I'll have to stick with Java. I'll start learning Python over the summer.

Python is best programming language for beginners as well as for experienced programmer's. correct me, if i'm wrong.

I believe it is too.

I'm learning I'm learning Python, C++, and Java right know. Considering I started way way late i life I figured I'll have to learn the languages first. I've been playing with GIT lately and I'm digging it. Python is more structured and well rounded but I've never been the one to go with the flow anyway I"d go with GIT.

This question is asking which programming language you would want to master why is everyone saying stuff like Python Becuase it's for beginners....

This question is asking if you could choose ANY language to master you would choose a difficult and useful language.

I would choose umm... C programming language

Also Java isn't the best language got a beginner for a second programming lanaguage yes but other then that no...

I think we need to distinguish between scripting languages and compiled languages.

If we narrow our focus to scripting (interpreted) languages for hackers, then Python is the language of choice.

Yes true python is one of the best interpreted languages for hackers
But the question is asking for a programming language the answers are going to be all over the place.
This question should be more specific(purpose etc..)

I would definitely recommend to learn plain ANSI C. C is everywhere including embedded systems. Mastering C forces you to learn and think about memory management. C is also the grandparent base language that most modern languages sprouted from. Once you know C many other languages are far easier to learn. My 2 cents.

Simula is the one for me. Ok If it had to be a language that wasn't 48 years old maybe Haskell. Because the learning curve is so fun I hear.

Python is choice for scripting, but C is the best programming language.

Before I saw OTW's comment, I was really surprised by how many people said Python was the best programming language, which brings me to my question... isn't Java interpreted?

I couldn't find my C and Python comparison comment, sorry.

Yes Java is interpreted through there virtual machine
Not all scripting languages HAVE to be interpreted
And not all programming language HAVE to be compiled

I'm just going for C: eyes opening.

What about Web Development? It's Python also the best choice as programming language? please tell me your opinions I'm starting a new Web Project and I'm thinking about using Php with HTML5 and MySQL as most of the websites but It may grow bigger and bigger, will it work?

Web Designing/Programming is a COMPLETELY different topic! I'm not sure if Python can be read by web browsers. For Web Designing, you need to know HTML, CSS, and Javascript. (Those are primary) You should also know some kind of database langauge. (Like SQL.) If you want to make browser games, go with Shockwave Flash, or Unity 3D Web Player.

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