Forum Thread: If You Were Hacked, What Would You Do?

If you were hacked and you could attribute that hack to a specific IP address, what would you do?

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First of all ,im going to plug off my internet ,then check my network as well as firewall settings to see any forwarded/opened ports ,or any suspicious connection that i didn't make lately .

Then ,checking logs to get the latest activities on my machine .

I think these two steps are the most essential for any one on any OS ,after that it really depends on everyone's knowledge and OS ,for example ,a Microsoft windows user ,might want to check registry ,as well as file system activity to see if any file/key/hive was added/edited/removed and thus can be analysed .

A Linux user might need to check ( and maybe twice ) his network activities and then analyze them .

Disconnect the internet. Since I know that hack came from a specific address, I'd write an iptable rule to block all packets from that address. Then I'd check the logs for any recent activity.

Would you consider retaliating?

yes ,i would definitely do !!

Even if it is illegal to retaliate?

Master OTW, why don't you just do another article on how to check ..all ways of checking..if one has been hacked..for both windows and linux? I am sure the community will very much appreciate...


isnt it illegal in the first place to hack into someone? so why not retaliate legally? See if you know enough info to be able to hack them back, then im pretty sure you could get that user in a lot of trouble if you report them.

sure, it's not nearly as fun and may take alot longer then hacking them back but i dont know, thats just what i think.

i definately would want to hack them back, but me personally as being pretty new to the hacking world, i wouldnt be able to actually retaliate on their level

Well ,i didn't quite understand that retaliating him is the same as hacking him back as he did against my network ,i would just rather block him ,and analyze every single bit came from him and try to see what tools he did use ,what methods he used to complete the attack ,and try to stop/block them from sending packets to my firewall .

my girlfriends email was hacked and all the mail was forwarded to an email address >>>>>> what a nugget (beats me why he would leave his email address). He gained access to her paypal account and tried to transfer £80.00 luckily there was no funds. So i did retaliate even though i broke the law but i don't think the viruses was enough truth is i come on this site to teach my self how to gain access to him by any means necessary and i wont stop until he has felt the invasion that my girlfriend felt ! Hence why i follow OTW as he is a great teacher.

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