Forum Thread: I'm Having Trouble Running Any Sort of Lan Based Hacks. Is There Something I'm Doing Wrong?

So I followed the null-byte deauth and crack wifi password hacks, the thing is that while they worked, airodump-ng on my network only showed a specific set of devices including some sort of smart light and amazon alexa. Even knowing other device's ips I could deauth attack them, but they would always return 0 acks. However, my other devices such as the smart light would get booted off in no time. Now, I'm using mitmf and only the specific devices previously mentioned are appearing and being affected. Ettercap works for the same mentioned devices. I think this breaks down to the fact I have my main wifi gateway, then a wifi extender that splits its wifi into 2.4 and 5ghz. Does my router have some kind of protection that the extender removes? Is my gateway connection simply very fast and the extender is just slow enough for it to work? I have connected my phone to the extender's 2.4 channel and it would have some acks but after like a solid 2 mins of dosing it, the connection came back on the same wifi and I was unable to deauth it again. Dang sorry for the very long text and I am using a Ralink 5572 which I have tested on other networks and it can easily deauth.

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There's one way of considering it. Sometimes when you try to deauth a wifi network, if your router has some additional security like auto channel, The router will try to change it's channel, i.e Many routers have an auto function for the channel. It will automatically scan the entire range to detect if there is interference on the default channel. If interference is detected, it will change to a channel with less or no interference. So this may cause the failure in deauth attack.

I don't think this is the case because after doing a deauth broadcast with airodump running the channel doesn't seem to switch in airodump. However just with airodump running I see my router's mac and another mac that is 1 off from the router.

Hmm actually I think I see where this issue is stemming from. It looks like from running iwconfig, while my network adapter is connected to the wifi it says its on 5ghz but when I put it on monitor mode it switches down to 2.4ghz.

Yeaah...Ooh so it's the device issue..well i hope now u were able to solve...well u can set ur adapter to stick to a particular channel.

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