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Hello everybody, first of all my english is not very good :D

But that's not the problem. I wanted to start to learn "How to hack like a Pro: Linux Basics for an aspiring hacker" but i'm on Kali Linux and this tutorial is on BackTrack. So when it says "do this command ..." I do it but it's not the same thing in Kali Linux so it doesn't work and I can't learn :(

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Elliot Alderson, LOL. I was have same problem too just google the command like " how to start apache2 kali linux 2".

You can use ParrotSec. ParrotSec works a lot like backtrack.


Thanks Pheonix750 but can we do the same thing as in Kali Linux. I mean, there is the same "hacks software" ?

ParrotSec is a distribution designed especially for hacking, but for other things aswell. note the "Sec" in it's name.


What commands specifically are you referring to? Linux commands are the same in nearly every Linux distribution, but they may be accessed in different ways.

Thank you Pheonix750 :) . And Occupyt Heweb i'm referring to the part 2 when you put the command pentest/ aircrack-ng...


There I am simply using aircrack-ng as an example. It's in a different location in Kali, but you can use any command instead of aircrack-ng. In any distribution of Linux. you can find a command by typing "locate" followed by the command, such as locate aircrack-ng.

When we tape locate we got a twenty location of what we're searching for, but how we do to group all them and then when we type "ls" or "ls -la" whatever, we got all the files from every folders ?

And how we recognize a folder when we type "locate"

Sorry for my bad english.

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