Forum Thread: I'm New and There Is a Problem.

Hello everybody, first of all my english is not very good :D

But that's not the problem. I wanted to start to learn "How to hack like a Pro: Linux Basics for an aspiring hacker" but i'm on Kali Linux and this tutorial is on BackTrack. So when it says "do this command ..." I do it but it's not the same thing in Kali Linux so it doesn't work and I can't learn :(

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Elliot Alderson, LOL. I was have same problem too just google the command like " how to start apache2 kali linux 2".

Thanks Pheonix750 but can we do the same thing as in Kali Linux. I mean, there is the same "hacks software" ?

What commands specifically are you referring to? Linux commands are the same in nearly every Linux distribution, but they may be accessed in different ways.

Thank you Pheonix750 :) . And Occupyt Heweb i'm referring to the part 2 when you put the command pentest/ aircrack-ng...


There I am simply using aircrack-ng as an example. It's in a different location in Kali, but you can use any command instead of aircrack-ng. In any distribution of Linux. you can find a command by typing "locate" followed by the command, such as locate aircrack-ng.

When we tape locate we got a twenty location of what we're searching for, but how we do to group all them and then when we type "ls" or "ls -la" whatever, we got all the files from every folders ?

And how we recognize a folder when we type "locate"

Sorry for my bad english.

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