Forum Thread: I'm New to Hacking but I Always Wondered How I Can Access Computers and/or Servers to Get Revenge on Someone Who Wronged

i'd like to know

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4 Responses

Um... firstly don't put just your question in headline, but also add details with what and how. Secondly, there are many articles on how to hack someone. Thirdly, in my opinion revenge is never the answer unless it's for a reasonable reason. I mean there are loads of people that I would love to unleash my rage on, but in the end revenge is never path since it makes you no better than the one who has wronged you.

Same thought.
I know sometimes you could think "I will hack that a.. ", but then you aren't better than the other one.
Ethical hacking is the key ;)

Couldn't agree more with Shadow Zero. Took the works out of my mouth.


Is the revenge worth it?
I wouldn't recommend, but if it is, consider spending some money to hire someone to do your bidding.

-The Joker

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