Forum Thread: I'm a Noob Who Needs Some Help Please

Alright so i've got Kali Linux light version, and i've download top10 packages and some others

Currently i'm downloading MD5 rainbow crack tables. That is not important though.

I need some serious help, as I don't know what i'm doing...

First off I want to know, when I crack a hash/password what can I do with it, like how can I use that to access someones account on a text based game or whatever?...

I have many more questions, yes i'm a complete noob! But I want to understand that first, then maybe I can use my brains to apply it once I know what to do with a cracked hash.


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hello there and welcome to null-byte.. apologies that you question was unanswered for soo long as we all have stuff and the contributors are not online that much.

Well hashes are like gibberish passwords that needs re-arranging/sort-out, So when you have cracked it its a clear, plain-text password that you can use If you know the mate's E-mail address or you can post them in a hacking forum to gain experience and reputation.

Hope it answers your question and I would recommend you OTW's Hacking for beginners series... It would be quite beneficially to you.


A password hash is a 1 way output of a function (the cipher) of the password and the hash can not be reversed. when you run the cracking program (maybe using hashcat) it will take a plain-text password, generate a hash and compare it to the hash you have.

You need to obtain a password hash of another account that you are trying to access before any of this is helpful.

Once you have "cracked" the password hash then you can use it to login to the account.

Also I quote XERO KIRYUU "you can post them in a hacking forum to gain experience and reputation." - That is a terrible idea since doing this to any network other than your own is illegal, and who in there right mind would be posting there own hashes and passwords out in the open?


Hello Null Pipes, I see that you disagree with my statement , But my perspective was not that clear but if you look at it I was merely trying to motivate him. As he has said that he is a "noob", So I was just intriguing him that this way is to reputation as Hackers gain reputation over the internet by contributing to it.. What I was trying to say is that In a Scenario that you have to crack an Organization's password which is Evil, And your friend asks you to do it but its hashes... You can crack it and then ask for help exploiting it to bring down the Evil organization.

I do admit that it's quite dangerous to put plain passwords online as its Illegal. Thank you Null Pipes for this awesome answer.


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