Forum Thread: Importing exploits in to Metasploit (Kali 2.0)

Good day fellas,

So, after searching for almost 2 days with mostly outdated tutorials I learned how to use external exploits.

But, now the problem is that I am only able to work with .rb exploits, why? Anything other than that would just not show up in the metasploit. like .py. Can anyone show me the way around it?

Don't you think it will leave me with very limited number of options if only .rb exploits work.

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Metasploit is written in ruby, that's why.

Ohk, so what about all those py txt and html exploits listed on the database. Is there any other software to run those?

Run them using their respective interpreter / compiler? You want to use the python interpreter for py exploits, for example.

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