Forum Thread: How to Improve the NB Editor

I've written 4 tutorials now and I must say, it was one of the most frustrating things ever. The asterix, AND the underscore are reserved for formatting text.

This is a hacking/programming community.

It can become very confusing when you have to explain to noobs that you can't use underscores. And it makes the articles of lower quality.

Is there a way to fix this matter?

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If you use two of the same reserved characters in a row it shows up as the literal when viewing. **=* and __=_ and [[=[ and ]]=]

I seriously didnt know that thanks * _

See Script Kitty's note on creating asterisks and underscores. Brackets work similarly. Also, there is a new way to input code that's in the works, as mentioned before, and will be out when the site redesign is finished.

When will this redesign be out?


Sorry, no set date right now. Just whenever it's ready and Bryan has all the kinks worked out. He's tweaking a lot of things site-wide, so it's taking more time than originally planned, I believe. Hopefully soon, though!

This makeover looks promising if it takes this long!

My last question regarding the future: will SSL be enabled on WHT?


I haven't heard anything about SSL. That's more of a Bryan question. :)

Hi Justin,

Is there a target date for that?... I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks

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