Forum Thread: How to Improve the NB Editor

I've written 4 tutorials now and I must say, it was one of the most frustrating things ever. The asterix, AND the underscore are reserved for formatting text.

This is a hacking/programming community.

It can become very confusing when you have to explain to noobs that you can't use underscores. And it makes the articles of lower quality.

Is there a way to fix this matter?

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If you use two of the same reserved characters in a row it shows up as the literal when viewing. **=* and __=_ and [[=[ and ]]=]

I seriously didnt know that thanks * _

See Script Kitty's note on creating asterisks and underscores. Brackets work similarly. Also, there is a new way to input code that's in the works, as mentioned before, and will be out when the site redesign is finished.

Hi Justin,

Is there a target date for that?... I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks

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