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Well its been a long time since i asked a Question on forms.Well it seems that i have a Question for you guys.i was using proxy's but i have a doubt that they can be honey pot.

So my Question is can i channel all my Internet traffic to tor and using use proxy's for extra protection.
Well i hope you understand what i am trying to say here.I will be very thankful to you guys if you could help me out.


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Well of course you could but it wouldn't make much sense because if TOR gives you an address but you use a proxy there's no use for TOR because the address it gave you will be overwritten by the proxy (it can happen the opposite)...for example what you could do is put your main OS under TOR traffic and use Kali in a VirtualBox running proxy or/and with a VPN

But remember that TOR isn't really as good as proxy these days

True, and also because if:

You => Proxy => Tor => Victim

and proxy is watched, they will know your tor traffic at worst, but at best it will make their job easier at tracing you with a correlation attack (just like they were your rogue guard if you connect to Tor directly without proxy)


This is a bad idea in any scenario, you are adding a weak link in the security chain, not considering the raise in network latency.

firstly i would like to thanks everyone for responding to my thread specially Sir OTW .

Well secondly i have a request Sir OTW if you make a tutorial on Tor => Proxy i will be vary thankful to you.if you can understand what i am trying to say here

I am also looking forward to Nullbyte IRC it would be great


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