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Hello Null Byte,

This is my first time posting and I am asking if there is a way to infect a router which will then attempt to infect all devices connected to it and how I would be able to do this. Thanks for any help given.

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You cant infect a router..

Nooooo, That would be so good if you could though, oh well I will just have to use the fun way then.

I mean theres no such think right now...
Doesnt mean it cant be done;));

Why not ?

Some routers suffer from unauthenticated firmware update exploit, so it is possible to upload a custom one, riddled with backdoors. This is where it all starts from.

An attacker might be able to remotely change DNS, and often that's enough to be able to start any other kind of attack to other computers connected to it.

Malware could be hosted in the router itself, let's say that the router intercepts all requests for DNS and when it finds requests for it redirects to a page that serves the exploit from within the router.

It could also check for ssh / smb / webdav unsecured of weak passworded shares inside the computer that just connected (many people don't care to secure their local resources becasue they trust the router's firewall not to expose them to the internet).

Shellshock is also a viable option, as a rogue DHCP can exploit this bug, and requires no user interaction. But really, any other kind of network exploit can be leveraged by a dhcp server, as it knows whoever joins the network.

Really, many options... but they require a lot of work, and maybe some bricked router on your way to success.

You should give this a read:


I guess once your rootkit is inside, you could spread hell with a router :D

Thanks for the link I will look into it, and hey who knows maybe I will post a tutorial some time in the future on how to do such a hack if I manage to do it myself.

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