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A friend of mine has set up MAC security on his router. I can use MAC spoof to access the internet but since I use Kali Linux in a Virtual environment so accessing internet is not a very good option in Vmware plus I've to game online which is a far fetched idea for a Virtual environment. And as you guys might know that MAC spoofers do NOT really work for windows (they either get stuck, have compatibility issues or just don't work) so I can't have it on windows either, so I'm trying to have access to the router's settings page so I could add my PC's MAC there. But he has changed the password of router's settings page (its not the default one). I have tried all possible combinations but haven't succeeded.

Could anyone of you help me with this?

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Is there ever a time when you have physical access to the router? you could spoof your way in then MITM his connection and SE him into logging into the router his credentials should be sent as clear text (most low end routers dont do ssl). Your other option is a full on owning of his system via a meterpreter and then using the keylogger to gain access to his passwords (10 virtual dollars he uses the same password for the router as he does for his other online accounts). or some combination of the above.

or the last and most effective 1337 hack possible...just ask your "friend" to let you onto his/her network.

Yes I have physical access to the router.
Regarding the spoof trick, what are you exactly implying? How do I initiate a spoof attack? Can you explain?



How to do Hydra against a router's login page?

There are guides, use the search function.


If he's your friend... why not just ask? Otherwise I hope your friendship can withstand him finding out you've been hacking him without his knowledge >:v0

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