Forum Thread: How to Inject Code into EXE

Hello guys, I'm trying to write a backdoor, I need to inject some code into an EXE programmatically, any help for that would be appreciated thank you

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You need to compile code in visual basic or something and compile it as a .exe i think...

Check out dontrustme's guide on malware, he has a guide on malware development in C.

Can you clarify what "inject some code into an EXE" means? Are you wanting to inject code into a program on disk or into a running process? There's plenty of guides with a simple Google search which takes five seconds.

After you've researched and still don't understand, please ask an appropriate question that's more specific otherwise no one knows exactly what you want. For example: "How do I inject code into running process as a remote thread and execute it on the Windows platform?"

There are 3 options:
1.Reverse Engineering (which is harder and takes time but it's not easily detected)

2.Compile your code as a exe or dll and then attach it to exe you want using free softwares (which is easily detected by AVs and may infect your own PC)

3.Just like option 2 but instead of using a free software you are gonna use a nonfree software (which is not easily detected by AVs but again you may end up with a infected PC and also you have to pay some money)

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