Forum Thread: Inquiry into Community's Interest in Data Structures Series

Inquiry into Community's Interest in Data Structures Series

Hello Null Byte 1337 h4xx0r5! With my sorting series pretty much closing up, meaning I've run out of ideas, I was wondering about my next endeavor, my next contribution to this wonderful community.

So, who's interested in data structures? Linked lists, trees, heaps, graphs, hash tables -- why not, right?

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I'll probably do this in C++, because I love C++. DTM can tell you why I won't do it in Java!

UTC 4/16/16 12:43:00 EDIT: The benefit of knowing data structures is that one will have a better understanding of how information is processed in a machine. One will also be better at visualizing information, and one will have a better sense of what structures to use when.

Oh, and speaking of DTM... He's done a linked list tutorial already, so my tutorial would be brief, if I even do one.

So, comment below or up-vote this post to show your interest in a series on data structures!

Stay 1337,

P.S. This series would require me to brush up a bit, so the articles will be periodic, more so than my sorting series.

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I would be interested in that.

I would enjoy reading it.


Funnily enough I was talking to dtm yesterday about this topic and I was hoping someone would make these series. Looking forward to it oakey.

Yeah he told me you were interested. I figured it was time.

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