Forum Thread: Inquiry into Community's Interest in Data Structures Series

Hello Null Byte 1337 h4xx0r5! With my sorting series pretty much closing up, meaning I've run out of ideas, I was wondering about my next endeavor, my next contribution to this wonderful community.

So, who's interested in data structures? Linked lists, trees, heaps, graphs, hash tables -- why not, right?

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I'll probably do this in C++, because I love C++. DTM can tell you why I won't do it in Java!

UTC 4/16/16 12:43:00 EDIT: The benefit of knowing data structures is that one will have a better understanding of how information is processed in a machine. One will also be better at visualizing information, and one will have a better sense of what structures to use when.

Oh, and speaking of DTM... He's done a linked list tutorial already, so my tutorial would be brief, if I even do one.

So, comment below or up-vote this post to show your interest in a series on data structures!

Stay 1337,

P.S. This series would require me to brush up a bit, so the articles will be periodic, more so than my sorting series.

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I would be interested in that.

I would enjoy reading it.


Funnily enough I was talking to dtm yesterday about this topic and I was hoping someone would make these series. Looking forward to it oakey.

Yeah he told me you were interested. I figured it was time.

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