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okay.. I Am a Noob When It Comes to Hacking. Recently I Found Out That Someone Had Hacked into MY Instagram Account. At First I Was Pissed, but Now I Have Decided to Hack into Their Account. I Really Need Someone to Teach Me. I Would Greatly Appreciate Any Form of Help.

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Hello! I am sorry to hear about your account. Before I get into this, you need to consider the consequences of what you will do. Morally, this may seem right or proper to act on, but in the eyes of the law, they do not care if you were hacked "first" you are still committing a crime. They do not feel sympathy or let you go because of a vendetta. That being said, here is some bad news: Recently, about 2 months ago, Instagram put a stop to brute forcing and cracking passwords with wordlists. They set up a 3 attempt lock out, similar to google's Gmail password system. So trying to use a wordlist and crack his account will not be successful. Here's the good news: if this certain someone has their password saved as a cookie or autofilled, in OS X's case, you may be able to use some tutorials online to receive his cookies and autofilled passwords. But, to do this, you must convince the victim to open a file you send them or run script. I am assuming he is a hacker and aware of these things. So that will be very hard, friend. I wish you luck, and please reconsider before doing anything.

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