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Hey guys, I went buying this wifi adapter you mentioned a few times, Alfa awus036nha but I can't see it in my Kali. I have a MacBook Pro, with Sierra 10.12.6 and Virtualbox 5.1.30 last version with Kali Linux 2.0 on it. I have the CD with the drivers sent along with the wifi card, but they don't have the awus036nha only other ones that sound similar like awus036nh, awus036nhr, awus036h, etc. and even those are outdated, for macOS 10.11 at best. The Linux folder with drivers has four folders in it. I don't know how to install it and how to see networks. Can you help?

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Make sure you've attached the card so it shows up in virtualbox. See the video we did on Parrot Security, it requires the same step -

If that doesn't work, not sure what could be the issue without more info

Hope someone can help me with this:)

I now use ALFA AWUS036NH with High Sierra 10.13.3, VirtualBox 5.2.8 and Kali Linux 2 on an MacBook Pro 2013.

I also have a MacBook Air 2013. I would like to use this because of the smaller size.
Will this setup also work on MacBooks Airs this old?


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